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About us

We work with artisan groups to bring you high-quality, unique black and white jewellery. Inspired by Swahili architecture along the coast of East Africa, our handmade pieces are crafted from bone and horn, sourced from trash.

In Kinyarwanda, ‘kazi’ means ‘work’ or ‘job’. We aim to bring new work for artisans; to bring sustainable jewellery to a wider market and minimise our environmental impact; and to work hard in our everyday lives.

The black and white contrast in our work reflects our wider philosophy. We believe in being grateful for contrast, difference, and diversity. The dark allows us to see the light. Contrast helps us appreciate, grow and bring the positive to light.

We hope that each piece brings you happiness, and reminds you to appreciate the contrasts and contradictions in life, like the calm of the ocean breeze as it collides with the bustling coastline.


Alice Muthama & Georgina Smith

Exclusive pieces

As the ocean breeze sweeps brings with it the unmistakable salt smell of the ocean, we invite you to join the journey. Each quality piece of jewellery is beautifully crafted, made with simplicity and sustainably sourced.

Our inspiration

Fashion for the urban-aware

Akazi jewellery is made using sustainable and environmentally aware materials, with community entrepreneurs and artisans who shape the design process. We continue to strive to improve our sourcing model and ecological footprint, to ensure that our pieces are not only high quality, they are inspired by nature and kind to it.

Our commitment

Handmade jewellery to bring change

We believe that the fashion industry has huge potential to drive positive social and economic change throughout supply chains around the world. Our ethical approach aims to improve the lives of the communities who supply them, while taking strides to improve our environment.